The Making of PARTHENON by Marco A. Delgado

Published on: 03-25-2007 | Views: 92012

In this tutorial I am going to explain how I made the image of the Parthenon.
I have seen many different photographs and drawings of the Parthenonfrom different angles, in order to have an idea, as clear as possible,about its characteristics and proportions. I have obtained a lot ofinformation from several books of History and Art.


Using Softimage XSI, in the option camera view, we activate Rotoscope and we load the photograph we like the most. We join the angle of ourcamera with the one of the photograph using the grid of the scene


Ifthe photograph does not allow us to see the model, we can remove orreplace it by another one in a grey range. Now we can begin to modelthe objects. We begin with the columns.

We load an image or a drawing of the base of the column in the top view option in order to model it accurately.
We also load a lateral image of the column in the front view option to see its height and proportions. We create a circle for thebase of the column. We repeat several small cylinders and by means of a Boolean Difference we made the cuts in the column

We make an Extrusion Along Axis of the height and the correct axis (Y). In this way we create the column.We place a cylinder, widened in its upper base and not very high, in the upper part of the column.

For the abacus we use a cube scaled in (Y), subdivided in order to make it old-fashioned.


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