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(Reactor) (Ragdoll) And (hinge) Tutorial

Hello every one! Creating animation and simulation of objects are very sensitive in 3ds max (Reactor), so you have to take care of every single object in the scene to simulate it perfectly as much as interesting for the viewer, that is the best Animator who take care of a small object and trying to […]

10 Most Common Errors in 3DS MAX

This tutorial was created by Rodrigo Banzato – a 3d artist and instructor at Tonka3D – and it is a selection of the 10 most common errors people commit when using the 3ds Max, specially for those who are initiating with this 3D tool.

2D Composite Grass

Why spend a bundle of money buying fur plug-ins to make grass, when you can make it yourself very easily in less than 20 minutes? You will now learn to composite 2d grass into a 3d scene, and make it look VERY believable. Every time I’ve used this technique, I’ve been asked which expensive plug-in […]
3D Character Rigging – The Hand ( Part 3/3)

3D Character Rigging – The Hand ( Part 3/3)

In this tutorial we look into have to make the hand. We will be making: – The controllers – Custom Attributes – +/- Average Node This is a part of a tutorial series. See all the tutorials at: http://poly-face.com/tutorials.php