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How create a simple crowd

INTRODUCTION To execute this tutorial you must download and install CrowdMaker 0.5 (or higher). You can download the file at this link: web.tiscali.it/maya_tutorial . The “CrowdMaker 0.5.rar” contains some scripts, a text file with an installation guide and sample scenes. On the next pages you can see the procedure to create a scene and the […]

Modeling a head using Nurbs-Polygon technique by Sasan Rafiee

In this technique we first create a low detail head by nurbs patch modeling then convert it to a polygon object, then we add detail to it. The reason is that we have more control on the basic shape in Nurbs modeling and then we apply powerful tools in polygon modeling to add details. You […]

Wireframe Brushes

Have you ever wondered how to get those cool wireframe images on your website or into Photoshop? But you didn’t want the background to show up with it? Well this process is very easy and will be fully explained in this tutorial. If you happen to have any issues or need help completing a part […]

Making the head of the Moria Orc

Well, this is how I made the head for my Moria orc. As with any project, I started off by getting loads of reference. I was originally going to make an Isengard orc, but in the end rather decided to go with a Moria orc simply because the Moria ones look a little grosser!So I […]

Neoclassic Livingroom Lightning and rendering Maxwell

Hi. In this tutorial we’ll investigate the render and lightning adjustment for neo-classical room design. At first place, activate the maxwell render and then set the materials in the material editor as maxwell materials. LIGHTNING Numbers seen in the above figure indicate the light locations in the scene.We’ll consider the scene is in real world […]

VIDEO tutorial: Mental_Ray by Aziz Khan

In this tutorials I will show how to create nifty looking global illumination and sun lighting. DOWNLOAD FILE Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Aziz KhanEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.3dm3.com

Modeling a Table

A table is super simple to model, it consists of just one modified box for the top, and four boxes for the legs. Let’s get started. 1) Create a box that is 50 by 80 by 1 units. And make sure it has only 1 length, width, and height segments. Make sure everything is exactly […]

Modeling a Cup and Assigning a Material

Hey, lets make some cups to set on that table we modeled earlier. 1)Click on the Create Tab, then click on Geometry, then choose Cylinder. This will create a….cylinder. Give it the following values. 2) Convert your cylinder to Editable Poly by selecting it, right clicking, and going to Convert To, and select Editable Poly. […]

Modeling a Soda Can

1) Open up 3ds Max. Go to the Create tab, click on Shapes, and then select Line. This will allow us to draw an outline of the soda can. 2) Go into the Front viewport and draw the outline like you see below. Make sure you don’t connect the first and last vertex. 3) When […]

Modeling a Chair

Hey, another simple model. Why not make a chair to accompany your table? 1) First of all, make a box that is 35 by 30 by 2 units. And make sure that the length, width, and height segments are 1. 2) Select the box, right click it, go to Convert To, and select Editable Poly. […]

Reactor Motor Tutorial By Aziz Khan

Hello and welcome every buddy to my (Reactor Motor) tutorial. Many of the people who asked me about reactor function in 3ds max and they asked me different kind of question about reactor in 3ds max and I tried to answer them, I realize that I should write some reactor tutorials for those who need […]

(Reactor) (Ragdoll) And (hinge) Tutorial

Hello every one! Creating animation and simulation of objects are very sensitive in 3ds max (Reactor), so you have to take care of every single object in the scene to simulate it perfectly as much as interesting for the viewer, that is the best Animator who take care of a small object and trying to […]

Falken Rim Tutorial

This is the second Rim tutoial I have written, this time I wanted to show another technique to modelling a Car Rim which I use myself on almost all car projects… This is a very common way of modelling a Car Rim so you may have already seen tutorials like this. I have chosen to […]

VIDEO tutorial: Head modeling by Rodrigo Banzato

INFO: Size of original movie: 58 MB Compressed in .rar size: 57 MB Duration: 10 minutes and 31 seconds Format: MediaPlayer (.avi) DOWNLOAD Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.com Copyright © Rodrigo Banzato Edit by Stryker Source: http://www.tonka3d.com.br

Make 3D Object with Shapes

Chapter 1: Lathe ModifierGreat For amateurs You Need: 3dsmax Windows Knowledge; Work with Shapes Knowledge In this lesson you will learn how make 3d objects with simple shapes. In 3dsmax, these modifiers will convert 2D lines to 3D object: Lathe Extrude Bevel Loft Surface …… You will learn to work with all of these modifiers […]

Snowy Mount tutorial from Polyman

Creating a Snowy Mountain—Texturing Based on Slope Some Notes: This is 3ds max tutorial, but it was inspired by LightWawe. LW can use slope as input parameter. Though, there’s no such option in Max. So, to get such effect – you need to improvise. Here’s how: Preview: In this tutorial you’ll create a mountain model, and texture it […]

VIDEO Tutorial: Knight modeling

Torso modeling of the knight INFO: Size of original movie: 218 MB Compressed in .zip size: 202 MB Duration: 20 minutes and 30 seconds Format: MediaPlayer (.avi) Download Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Marcin Klicek KlickiEdit by Stryker Source: http://www.digital-aktimel.pl

Occlusion pass guide

About tutorial In this tutorial I will try to cover everything you need to know about occlusion pass in 3 simplified parts. The first part is explains what an occlusion pass is and what its good for. The second part is all the technical info on how to make an occlusion pass. the third part […]

Modelling of VAZ 21093 by Kazus

Hello everyone. Today I start newinteractive tutorial on 3DM3. It will be car-modelling tutorial. I choosed VAZ21093 car. Why? Because it is simple to do for begginers. Everybody can take part in this tutorial. Soon I will start modelling right now!!! First step. Setting up the scene for modeling. I had sliced blueprint in Photoshop. […]