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Interview with Meny Hilsenrad

Interview with Meny Hilsenrad: “I started working professionally right after I finished my army duty. For 3 years I worked in a company called 3D Garage, a post production house. During my time there I did TV titles, Promos, Commercials. I did lots of Modeling/Animation/Textures work and also participate in a flight simulator game project…”

Interview with Peter Syomka

It is interview with Peter Syomka the 3D artist and professional designer of models. You will know a bit about him and about his methods of modelling, as well many other things!

Interview with Alexandr Sharovsky

We have interviewed the winner of competition “The Best work of month February – March 2004”, which passed on our site. Alexander has told a little about yourself and about work which has won first place!

Interview with Alex Konst

Very interesting interview with Alex Konst. He work with Concept Visualization company as professional 3D visualization designer.

Interview with Jason Chan

Jason Chan was a typical kid growing up watching movies like Terminator and Aliens and playing video games like Mega Man and collecting X-Men comic books.

Interview with Tim Warnock

        September 28, 2005 | Stryker A little bit about Tim Warnock: My name is Tim Warnock. I am a matte painter and conceptual artist working in the entertainment industry. TheNextSide represents a sampling of my most recent work. My career as an artist began in 1991 at St. Lawrence College in […]

Interview with Michael Hegner

Matthew Woodhams asked Michael a few questions and it ended up being one of the best interviews ever done for Eje-Zeta. He talked about 6 essential points to follow whilst working on an independent productions and how to keep thngs simple.

Interview with Marco Menco

Interview with professional character cg artist – Marco Menco, the creator of “Smoking Creature” and “Dante’s” artworks!

Interview with FRYRENDER

Intervirew with FRYRENDER. Is a new unbiased renderer that simulates the real behavior of light to produce true-to-life renders with a minimal set of light and material parameters.

Interview with Jacobo Rojo

3DM3 introduce to you interview with Jacobo Rojo – “Making of Audi R8 in Desert” author and Arte-3D Modelling Studio founder and owner.