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Making of breeze of the past

The work consists of an old office room in good condition, still in use even now. I started this work wanting to create a silent story, so I made the components of the room appear to be speaking for themselves.


The work consists of an old office room in good condition, still in use even now. I started this work wanting to create a silent story, so I made the components of the room appear to be speaking for themselves. Each piece tells you a story and is reminiscent of memories. Software used: 3DS Max, Photoshop & VRay.


Firstly before making the modeling I search for suitable pictures which will be fit for the project for easier modeling. I search for these pictures in web search engines, as Google, yahoo and flicker.
This some of these reference pictures


To look at the project; we will find that the modeling seems to be slightly more and this feel that the project is difficult but in fact it is not, The project is very simple in the shape and content, all the modeling was mad by using the editable Spline and editable poly.
The beginning was by the project environment (office room) which appear very simple and I am not interested to its details but I interest to other details which important to the project. After ending the room making it was as any empty room needs some furniture so the second step is book case but before I did it I search and use some of the reference pictures to make a different pattern which suitable to the scene and contain larger number of books, so I did this blueprint which appear in this form

Inside the 3ds Max I use the editable Splline and editable poly to convert this blueprint to the, 3d model. Not only the library but I can complete all other furniture in the same previous way; as it is manifest “plain”
In this point I will add only the making of the ornaments in the scene. I know that there is many ways to do this ornaments and always I use very simple way (this is personal opinion) for not bored with the project and finally it give the wanted shape.
Simply this ornaments is group of repeated tree leafs begin by one leaf then multiply to be formed an identical de curative group to do this ornaments follow up these steps

About the other parts of the project, I did it in a separate form, to put it in the project, and this is some of the models which used in the project

By putting the content of the separate files in the original one this will be the result.

Materials and textures

Usually I use simple to make it simpler.
I use “uvwmap” in all texturing form. But the textures which used, I obtain it by searching in the internet from the “cgtextures.com “site and all materials used is blend material to the all. So there is funny thing that most the project done by using one mask; that was a picture of old book cover I used it in most of materials and some of other stages and this give me high sense of old
covering the books was somewhat in different way, as books are different in size, so I firstly search for the pictures which will be used in the project and preparing it then I did one modeling to the book by this and by using the textures, I change the size of each book as the size of the textures. This is some of materials used in project.

I will only explain how I did wood material as example and how I use the old book picture which used as mask which I said before


For lighting, I’ve used V-Ray light, Target Direct light with V-ray shadows and HDRI Image.The settings for these lights can be seen in figures below


The settings that I used for the render can be seen in fig below


It’s the important stage in the work as a whole, and the simplest, the target of this stage is adding atmosphere mood to the scene.
to make the fog image, remove all lights with the keeping of target direct light only but this time select the type of shadow “shadow map” with the addition of “volume light effect” and make sure that you turned off the v-ray environment also, then select all models with giving it V-Ray material with black color and repeat the rendering again
In this stage I did the composition inside the Photoshop, firstly I merged the fog picture to the original picture, this by changing the layers to screen and giving it opacity 60%. Also I correct the colors and I added some of simple effect by using the brushes and the pretty plug-in “color efex pro 3.0” to add atmosphere mood to the scene, refer to fig. below

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