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Interview with Andrew Blackman

“I believe an artist is defined by what he depicts. It should be his own unique vision of the world rather than an attempt to cater to what he thinks the audience might want.”

Interview with Luis Melo

“Don’t just try to copy your idols or what everyone is doing in the industry, but develop a personal connection with your pictures”.

Interview with Jim Moore

“Keep at it, keep looking at tutorials and creating new work and expanding your portfolio… and sooner or later someone will call your name!”

Interview with Christopher Ang

“Just remember to enjoy what your doing and also one more thing, keep those old artworks of yours. The best one or not, keep it cause someday you’ll look at them and then you’ll see how far you’ve improved with your skills”.

Interview with Robert Vari

I have been working as a 3D artist for ten years now. I’m living in Budapest with my wife and working for Digic Pictures as a Character setup artist

Interview with D’wayne Murphy

“Believe in yourself, your skillset, never stop being creative and learn to take criticism and direction whether positive or negative with an open mind.”

Interview with Rishi Raj

My most of the inspiration comes from the movies. I always like to model my own concepts, and whenever I create my own characters I try to put some story behind the character. I enjoy that process where I get freedom to use my imagination.

Interview with Rafael Chies

In 2009 I figured out that I really wanted to be an 3D Artist generalist but with focus on modeling and texturing. So I dropped motion and started to work only with 3D

Interview with Jacobo Rojo

3DM3 introduce to you interview with Jacobo Rojo – “Making of Audi R8 in Desert” author and Arte-3D Modelling Studio founder and owner.

Interview with FRYRENDER

Intervirew with FRYRENDER. Is a new unbiased renderer that simulates the real behavior of light to produce true-to-life renders with a minimal set of light and material parameters.

Interview with Marco Menco

Interview with professional character cg artist – Marco Menco, the creator of “Smoking Creature” and “Dante’s” artworks!