Tutorial "Creating a Greek corner through Blender (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first part of a video tutorial I made through Blender 2.62 on the creation of a classic architectural greek scene.
This is a tutorial for intermediate difficulty suitable for users who already have a basic knowledge of Blender.

In this part of video tutorial I model the door, the frames around openings using the “Displace” and “Subdivision Surface” modifier and for the ivy I use the “Particle System”.

I set the light sources to run some test renders before moving on to the second part in which I assign the materials.

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About The Author

Umberto Oldani I was born in Magenta (Milano) Italy on 14th August 1965, where I'm still living. Before starting my carrer in 3D graphic, I did different works. Taking into consideration that I 've been always fascinating by drawing, after the high school I was empoyed as a drawer in technical studios and building companies, suing CAD systems too. In 90's I developped my passion in 3d modeling, deepening my knowledge through Computer Graphic courses and intensive seminares, using very high 3D software. In 2012 I became Blender Foundation Certified Trainers. Into this web site I can show a part of the most important modeling, rendering and 3d compositing images I realized in the last few years.