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Making of 3D Asian Girl

Hello viewer My name is Gourav Sharma .3D Asian girl is my 1st attempt to make a realistic looking 3d girl!
software i used -3ds max 2008 and photoshop cs3


Hello viewer My name is Gourav Sharma .3D Asian girl  is my 1st attempt to make a realistic looking 3d girl!
software i used -3ds max 2008 and photoshop cs3


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Reference Image i used

To start any 3d modeling every 3d artist need reference photos !
I would like to thanks to Michelle Deng and Sir Richard.
Michelle Deng is an Asian   girl who lives in United States.I told her that i need an asian girl face reference image for my 3d modelling,
Fortunately she wholeheartedly gave her photos as my  refrence.I’m very grateful.She’s really a great help.

I would like to express my gratitude to Sir richard for creating a one day free temporary account in 3d.sk for me


For head modeling i used Michelle reference photos.i started with plane and converted into editable ploy.as head modeling completed i started body modeling with 3d.sk image!


I used photoshop for texturing and used high res image of 3Ds also.

Lighting and Rendering

I use 3 point base light and i play with its settings to get better output, and i use mental render for rendering ! ( sss fast skin shader )


its just polygon hair with alpha map


Final output

Thanks to – 3Dm3, Michelle Deng and Sir Richard (3d.sk), Shena Parnoncillon!

About the author

I am Gourav Sharma, I live in Raipur (C.G), India, I have been learning 3D Art for 1 year, I want to be a good 3D artist .

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