Making of Burning Snow music video

Making of Burning Snow music video created by polish designers. Very impressive post-production video.


This music video is telling a symbolic story about dramatic social and consciousness standards that constrain people inside their minds. With lots of rules, processes that suck you into active routines and stop a feel of being alive. That’s what is coming out of ‘Burning Snow’ song idea of G&G sindikatas (leading hip-hop group in the Baltic’s). I wanted to interpret this story and tell it in an expressive, associative way, to show these standardized behaviour mechanisms as a powerful, parasitically structured live mechanism.

First month was spent on the concept and hand-sketched storyboards. During it this ancient/mystical style came up. Tribal tattoos that historically were used as sign of magical and spiritual activities were just right for this idea. So this huge living mechanism became image of a large ancient, mystical tribe with dancers half dressed in black, marked with tribal tattoos on their bodies. They were spreading ornamental organisms all over the place, making them alive as part of themselves.

After the concept creation I was modelling environments and elements, so some part of animated shots were already done before the shootings.

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The 3d environment consisted of two different locations – a temple and surrounding old ruins. The temple was designed selecting various architectural elements similar to the whole concept. It’s a mix of few different architectural styles, mostly. The thing that all surroundings were covered in dark was a main reason why in most scenes I could use default scanline render. Post production did all the rest. There were however several lighter scenes, where I had to use Brazil render as well.

(Example of a fresco map)

The walls of the temple were painted with tribal dancers, frozen in plenitude of frescos. They were designed from hi-res photos, made during the shooting.

When creating these abstract organisms I’ve designed 3 types of ornaments that were based on the same tribal style and did plenty of organic animations for them. It was important that these ornaments would not only be the good looking ones, but impressive in different dynamics as well.

Compositing of this video took most of the production time.

In scenes with extra wide 3d camera angle I had to manipulate the shot material (with optic compensation and fisheye effects) to fit it together to the 3d environment, because real camera’s angle seemed just not enough.

There were several shots with multiplicated crowds, which were made from three dancers. We took few approx. 5 minute length footages of simple break dancing on the floor while shooting. I could create a chaotic crowd with thousands of dancers moving differently using only these footages. Camera movements were done with 3d layers in After Effects.

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I paid an extra attention to the foreground in shots with dancers surrounded with ornaments. Showing ornaments, and showing them defocused in front gave a lot more realistic feeling to the whole composition.

The whole project took about a half year of ‘pure’ post-production. It was quite a lot of work as for one CG artist. On shootings we worked together with a film & video production house RGB as well with amazing break dancers from ‘Invisible Soul’ troupe and beautiful dancer Evelina Alien.

This music video has won a ‘National award of Best Music video of the year’, as well ‘Best New Talent’ award in Ibiza & Formentera international film festival this year.

You can watch a short making of video here:

And full video is located here:

Software used: 3DS Max, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop.
Production: Attic Motion Design (
Director: Justinas Vinevicius
Director of Photography: Viktoras Radzevicius
Producers: Stasys Baltakis, Martynas Mickenas (RGB)
Dancers: Evelina Alien, Jevgenij Tichonov, Jevgenij Kirjanov, Ignas Ereminas
Post-production & 3D: Justinas Vinevicius
Stylist: Ramune Cekuolyte
Make-up: Zaneta Jasiuniene

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