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Making of Lust

Find out step by steps photoshop tutorial “Making of Lust” took lot of effort and patience in drawing, using the optical mouse.


I spent a lot of hours collecting good references on the net. Of course Google helped me a lot. Finally, I found a good image from flicker. I chose the image because of the mood and lighting information is very high. So I would like to discuss the steps I followed for "Making of Lust" took lot of effort and patience in drawing, using the optical mouse.

Coloring and Shading

I put very basic colors with shadows and light information’s


I used adobe Photoshop CS2 and Optical mouse.
AMD Athlon(tm) 64×2 dual
Core Processor 3800+
2.01 GHz, 2 GB RAM


I decided to go with this small resolution 541x 747 because it was comfortable with the screen size i had.

Paint very basic shadows and lighting information for entire image. So we can understand the light variations and Shadow depth. I used simple steps to paint the image. I like to reveal the steps at this point of the painting.

I added some more detailing on face and trying to shape the image.

I used the Smooth brush for painting the body and the cloth folding and also play with the opacity and the brush presets.

At this point I added more details in the hair and Cloth area.

Now am going to discuss the core part of my painting, the opacity and jitter value of the brushes, I spent a lot of time to get the nice result. So lets look at the steps of the process here.

I used both hard and soft brush set for painting and also adjust the flow of the paint by using the opacity jitter and flow jitter.

I used the duel brush in brush preset for the skin painting and also switch on the “Noise Presets”

Brush Set Up

This brush set I used for adding very small nice in skin and hair sets


The skin painting that I used was the soft round brush because it gives nice smooth results; I chose spatter 39 pixel brush set because the bump can easily build up. For the final adjustment I use the blur-Gaussian blur value is .2

In cloth painting I built very basic folds by using the hard air brush sets, and add more color variation in between the folding by edge smoothing I use the soft round 300 pixels Brush sets. Finally I adjusted the hue/saturation light to 7

In Hair painting I used the soft round 300 pixel brush set for initial coloring, and again added the highlight stroke by using the spatter 14 pixels and also I played with the shape dynamic –size jitter -39% for random distortion. I played with the smooth and dry brush with opacity in final adjustments.

This is the basic setup of brush I used the entire image painting. So now we can go through the remaining part of the making of "Lust"

Now I am going to play with the face shadows.

Add more realism to face by painting the eyes and nose.

Add more Depth in Face and neck by using the air brush.

I put specular highlights for lips and nose and also lot of care to paint in the skin.

Hair Detailing

Finalize the hair by using the smooth and dry brush set. And also I played with the opacity and flow jitter

I am going to paint the hand and fingers; it takes a lot of time to attain the correct lighting. It is really a head breaking job J

Final Adjustment on fingers by using the smooth brush set and opacity.

Add more detailing into the footwear and skin.

Add the specular highlights into the footwear

Adding the fold and light and shadow depth into the cloth by playing the basic smooth brush, I played with the layer opacity to gain the inner depth of the cloth .I used the brush opacity is below 20

Am going to add more detailing on cloth a kind of white balancing ,I put more contrast to the cloth by using hue and saturation and curve parameters.
And also adjust the blur-Gaussian blur- value is .1 and also have some levels adjustments.

Add more detailing on the back side of the cloth

Erase the unwanted paint behind the hair and also finalize the cloth by using soft brush set and blur tool. So here I reached my limits…. :)

Click here to enlarge

Here is my final image am using the blur tool to correct the sharpen edges. <- Click on image to enlarge.

About the Author

Hi! I am Subhash Chandran V.R. from Sasthamcotta, a very beautiful village in Kerala (India). I am working as a 3d lighting artist,right with an overall experience of two years. Please do not hesitate to contact me via my email chandrakantha84@gmail.com

Profile: http://subhash-chandra.3dm3.com/
Portfolio: http://www.3dm3.com/portfolio/
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