3ds Max Tutorial "Architectural Modeling" (Part 1-2)

This tutorial will teach you the basic architectural modeling and working with Editable Poly. This tutorial is strictly for those which opening the Autodesk 3ds max first time or frightened with the number of buttons and options in 3ds Max, but in the beginning you will only use some of them.

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About The Author

Kresimir Pernek My name is Kresimir Pernek and I'm an 3D artist from Croatia. I am in 3D art for over 3 and a half years now, mainly doing 3D modeling and animation in 3ds Max. In 2007, I finished a 20 months long production of 64 minute long 3D animated feature. My main passion is in animated and live action film. All my life is dedicated to art and I like to spread my inspiration and vision with others.