Making of "Expedition"

That’s a painting process for one of my digital paintings called “Expedition”.

I start by placing some rough shapes with the Chalk brush.

Working on one layer, starting from the background details. Putting some sort of a future / fantasy building there.

Continue detailing the background tree with the use of some Branch brushes.

Working more on front details, some grass, rocks etc… In addition, I’m adding two color layers – Levels & Color Balance.

Now is the figure turn – must be more detailed than any other thing in the painting, cause I want it to be the first thing you look at it when you see the painting.

Adding highlights to the background building, make it more 3D.

Working now on the sky, without the regular clouds. Removing the spaceship that supposed to be there.

Working on the depth by taking a low opacity textured Airbrush and a yellow color from the sky, and start brushing everything that is behind the figure.

Continue detailing…

Adding birds so the viewer can understand what the size of the tree.

Another tree on the background…

Blurring a bit of the background tree and adding the final Color Balance Layer to the painting.

Some textures barely noticed… and Done.

Comments & questions are welcome,

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About The Author

Amit Sadik So Hello everyone, My name is Amit Sadik, born in Israel, Haifa. Today, I am working as a graphic designer of the company “Karkaot Israel” (Israel Lands), and in my spare time I am painting digitally. Visit my site where you will find a wide selection of works created by me - Digital paintings, traditional paintings, graphic designs, and more … I hope you all enjoy viewing my art!