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Shields modeling in 3DsMax (Part 2/3)

In this video tutorial where I will show you how to model different kind of shields using 3dsmax. At the start we will use and place reference pictures inside 3DsMax which would guide us during the modelling process and use them to model every detail. The three shields are modelled using a starting primitive and using editable-poly we will step by step add more and more details to the rough shape which we got at the beginning. At the end we will apply subdivision and achieve a smooth surface.
After the modelling process I will show you how quickly you can create maps in Photoshop which you can later use as displacement or bump maps. For rendering and materials I will use the MentalRay and Photometric Lights for realistic looking result. At the end we will render Ambient & Occlusion map and do some postproduction in Photoshop.

· Modelling three different shields using a reference
· Each shield has different shape and details
· Using one primitive to do the whole model
· Using editable poly to add details
· Smoothing the object using subdivision
· Materials using Arch&Design
· Creating maps in Photoshop
· Lightning using MR Photometric Lights
· Rendering, Ambient & Occlusion
· Postproduction in Photoshop

You can download:
Max files
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