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Modeling Audi TT

Modeling Audi TT with GLSL Shaders
This is Time laps showing great help of GLSL shaders in modeling. Using GLSL shaders let you see the smallest distortion in surfaces and kept the light and reflection flow, on separate parts.

Part 1
shows modeling the Audi TT body without details.

Part 2 shows how to make details in the body parts and add finishing touch to them.

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About The Author

Krzysztof Zwolinski I have almost 15 years of experience in field of 3D graphics art. These years have allowed me to find a way to teach young people in the most effective way without forcing everyone to work on the same program. Right now in my classrooms students work on few different software like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender or Cinema4D, the manner in which I provide knowledge on the subject, allowing them to perform exercises. I realize that 3D graphics is like chess you have only a few figures and limited movements that all people may know! in 5-15min but to win with "Deep Blue" you must learn! every of possible variations of the few movements and the order you can do them.