Tutorial "A Blender Mountain Landscape in Blender"

In this video tutorial entirely created with Blender I explain how to model the lake and the rocks.

I show you how to use the particles system in Blender to distribute the stones on the ground surface, how to create the transparent water material and, final, how to set the compositing nodes to modify the rendered image in order to make it more realistic.
To model the mountains I used the addons “ANTLandscape” in Blender suitably setting.
This addons is very powerfull to achieve very realistic landscapes with small time.

In this second part of the video tutorial I explain how to use the material nodes to create the snow and the rocks for the mountains.

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About The Author

Umberto Oldani I was born in Magenta (Milano) Italy on 14th August 1965, where I'm still living. Before starting my carrer in 3D graphic, I did different works. Taking into consideration that I 've been always fascinating by drawing, after the high school I was empoyed as a drawer in technical studios and building companies, suing CAD systems too. In 90's I developped my passion in 3d modeling, deepening my knowledge through Computer Graphic courses and intensive seminares, using very high 3D software. In 2012 I became Blender Foundation Certified Trainers. Into this web site I can show a part of the most important modeling, rendering and 3d compositing images I realized in the last few years.