Setup Camaro blueprint by be_fast

Hi everyone! This is my tutorial of making Camaro blueprint from photosfor car modeling in 3ds max

1. So the first step is setting the Units to Metric (centimeters) if youare going to make a real world scale model.

2.The second. Create a car size box (I took it from the official website).In the Properties Dialog turn on Display As Box option.

3. Now place the plane with side car photo (i took all the photos from, you can searchit wherever yourself). Move and scale plane to “get the car in” theoriginal size box.

4. Go to Create Panel and make several NURBS curves as I did. Create allcar body edge lines

5. You should get something like this. As you see some of the lines don’tcoincide with photo. That’s because I had compensated perspective photodistortion. You must keep it in mind all the time. To make lines connectedcorrectly we must look to the other perspective photos and compare them amongeach other.

6. Now when we have Y Z lines we must make them 3d by moving along the Xaxis. This is the result

7. Make front/back lines in the same way.

8. The last thing  is to adddetails

9. After all the work had been done I used all lines as a blueprint and createdthis model with usual poly/modeling

I hope you’d find this tutorial useful. Good luckeverybody!

Look art work by be_fast
Copyright © be_fast
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