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Wood carving

That it is required to us for a stage:

The cutting torch – for an example let it will be idle time box.

The flute which will cut a cutting torch – better, and is easier, all to draw a way on which the flute will run, using tool Point Curve which can be found in Create, section Shapes, list NURBS Curves. Shaving – the skeleton of the future shaving can be drawn, using Point Curve. Preparations are ready. We shall begin creation of a stage. Let’s begin with a flute. Create small Rectangle which will serve for creation of volume of a flute, i.e. in size with a working part of a cutting torch. Move a curve in a place on a board in which the flute will be cut.

With the help of tool Loft create a volumetric figure. In Skin Parameters in area Options change parameters Shape Steps: expose 0, and value Path Steps put more so that there were no breaks. The rectangular unnecessary now can be removed. Proceed in Modify, – Deformations press button Scale and in appeared menu insert button Insert Corner Point two more points on a red line and move them to the beginning of the diagram, and the latest point move to zero position.

In a window of the current frame expose the initial frame 0, press big button Animate, change the current frame to last 100 and move inserted points in menu Scale Deformation in the end of the diagram. Now button Animate can be disconnected. Proceed to Create/Compound Objects and with help Boolean, cut on a board a flute I use the second (cut out) object a volumetric curve which we have made earlier. In result if to move a cursor of animation, on a board there should be a flute.

Let’s undertake a cutting torch.

In the command panel in Hierarchy, having pressed button Affect Pivot Only, expose the centre of object in the bottom cutting part. In the command panel choose Motion, press button Parameters and open Assign Controller. In opened allocate Position and button Assign Controller appoint to it controller Path. In appeared Path Parameters allocate Follow and, having pressed button Pick Path, click on your trajectory. All as in a lesson about movement of the automobile. It is possible to incline a cutting torch concerning a board a little more. It is necessary to stick a shaving.

How to make it gradually occurbed, it is described above in a way of creation of a volumetric curve. To place a shaving in an initial part of a flute it is possible the same way, as a cutting torch. That’s all. The scene is ready.

It is possible. Download this lesson with a ready scene here

Download [16Kb]

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