VIDEO tutorial: Head modeling by Rodrigo Banzato

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Making the head of the Moria Orc

Well, this is how I made the head for my Moria orc. As with any project, I started off by getting loads of reference. I was originally going to make an Isengard orc, but in the end rather decided to go with a Moria orc simply because the Moria ones look a little grosser!So I […]

Modeling a head using Nurbs-Polygon technique by Sasan Rafiee

In this technique we first create a low detail head by nurbs patch modeling then convert it to a polygon object, then we add detail to it. The reason is that we have more control on the basic shape in Nurbs modeling and then we apply powerful tools in polygon modeling to add details. You […]

How to create a portrait from photograph

1. Prepare 2 photos or skectchs of front and side of a head. Create 2 box as in figure 1. Be cafeful of the proportions when you assign mapping on them. figure 1 camera view 2. At front elevation, draw lines, following the contour. Make sure every vertex join together in rectangular or triangular shape […]