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Hi! My name is Jiri Adamec and I want show you how I created Afro head and give you the inspiration to create resembling or better pictures.

Main page: www.astil.euweb.cz


Before one year I saw tutorial in the head at http://www.secondreality.ch/. And my style of the modeling isn?t so different from it. One of the basic rules is: model should have from 99 per cent four-cornered polygons. And edges of the model needs characterize/copy skull and face?s muscles.

There are several good techniques of the modellings of the head and every one have something best. I have preferably this technique of the gradual wraped-up details because I work with total model and I have continual control also other parts than Iam modeling now.


I used Sherpical mapping and then adjuste in uvw unwrap – mainly with using of the Soft selection.

I maped only one half and I used before it modificator Symmetry. After the Symmetry I indicated one half mirrored, turned up and put together with implement Weld. And the outcome you can see here.

Final screens:


Resulting render I did in 3dsmax 5. Rendering was tended in Brazil 1.03.. The scene was lighten with the hdri map and with one light.

I?d like to thank to the Splutterfish that they created so excellent tool which – to me as a 3d graphic designer – help to the better produce.

The time: The resulting rendering run on the 2×2,2 Athlon MP,1GB Ram about 10 minutes.

I offer

Design and processing of 3D projects
– architecture (interiors, exteriors, environments)
– technical objects (devices, vehicles, tools)
– organics objects + rigging (human beings, animals, creatures)

– pictures – authentic pictures with 3D objects integrated into a real scenes
– animations, fly/walk through
– 3D models

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