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Simple way of steam creation

For creation steam it is necessary to make a simple cone.
Click on the cone with the right button of the mouse, will choose Properties and in appeared menu, about inscription G-Buffer, put Object Channel: value 1.
Appoint to the received object a material with such parameters.
I n the main menu, command Rendering, will choose function Video Poct, press button Add Scene Event Àlso establish, if it is not established

yet a kind on a stage (Camera, Perspective). In result in Video Post’a in a window-Queue the chosen kind will appear.
Button Add Image Filter Event Attach Filter Plug-In Lens Effect Glow.

By means of button Setup, go in the menu of installation of parameters of the chosen filter. Button Inferno open parameters and establish labels

about parameter Gaseous and about all color channels (Red, Green, Blue).

Confirm installations by button OK.
Add button Add Image Output Event (look after, that on the panel-Queue any installation would not be chosen) on panel Video Post’a a format and parameters of a removed file.

Now, if to allocate on the panel-Queue installation of a conclusion of a file and to press button Execute Sequence , the ready file will enter the name already with the attached effect.
It is necessary to finish on a scene objects accompanying a steam and you will receive it like that.

Let’s all. This scene you may download here

Download [12Kb]

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