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Movement of the automobile on a line

How to begin creation of realistic model of movement of the automobile on turns, it is necessary to specify, how many the centres of rotation are involved at the moment of turn. In the normal machine, with one rudder and four wheels of them only three – one in the centre of the back bridge and on one in the centre of each forward wheel. However, even if wheels will be six, the amount of the centres remain the same, main design feature – on the centre in each steering wheel and still the centre between all others.

Now, we shall understand, how many in the machine in general moving parts (naturally there is no work of the engine or movement of a rudder). Two forward wheels – two objects, they though turn in one side, but everyone rotates around of an own axis. Two back is one object (though certainly in the present machines on turn one wheel goes faster another, we shall not press in such subtleties, it will not be all the same appreciable). And, at last, the body is one object too.

Group command complete all parts of your automobile so that at you it has turned out four objects: a body, two forward and both back wheels.
In command panel Hierarchy, having pressed button Affect Pivot Only, expose the centre for a body and back wheels in the centre of the back bridge, and for forward wheels in the centre of each forward wheel.


It is a little running forward, I shall explain, that movement of a body and wheels different controllers will operate, therefore between objects it is completely not necessary to expose what or connections, but for a portrayal of a trajectory of movement of forward wheels it is required to connect them with a body temporarily.

By means of button Select and Link attach each forward wheel to a body. Now it is necessary to make road. Here all is simple. As a surface any flat object, for example, Box will serve. The trajectory of movement can be drawn by means of any tool in section Shapes, for example, Line or Point Curve.

Allocate a body, in the command panel choose Motion, press button Parameters (if it is not pressed yet) and open Assign Controller. In the opened menu allocate Position and the button  Appoint to it controller Path. In appeared Path Parameters allocate Follow and, having pressed button Pick Path, click on your trajectory. In result your machine should move in the beginning of a way.

If the machine has risen crookedly or sideways try to change parameters Axis. At me all has settled down as it is necessary on axis Y.

Now, if to include animation, the machine will move a back axis directly on a trajectory, only forward wheels do not turn. The matter is that forward wheels have the own trajectory which is distinct from back. Allocate one of forward wheels, in top part Motion press button Trajectories and at you the trajectory of movement of this wheel will appear. In Trajectories establish parameter Samples equal to parameter End Time and press button Convert To. Now, you have curve appropriate to a trajectory of movement of one of forward wheels, the second trajectory make the same way, having allocated other wheel.

Again allocate a body and in Path Parameters allocate Bank change parameters Bank Amount:-0.1 and Smoothness: I have put 0,01.

Let’s give rotation to wheels using controller Roll Along Path which is in the same place where Path. In section Rolling Object Objects expose radius of wheels of your machine and appoint it a trajectory of movement by button Pick Path.

That’s all! This scene can be download from here.

Download [20Kb]
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