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We draw a bolt and a nut

To make a bolt, in the beginning it will be necessary a preparation on which to be cut a groove. Two cylinders a necessary for preparation. The first cylinder on which there will be a groove:

Radius: 50,0
Height: 240,0
Cap Segments: 2
Sides: 24

The second cylinder:
Radius: 100,0
Height: 40,0
Cap Segments: 2
Sides: 6

Now, attach both cylinders by means of command Boolean, Operation – Union. The following step – removal of facets. For this purpose just also was established value Cap Segments equal 2. In the command panel in Modify by means of button More_ choose command Edit Mesh, allocate internal segments of the top part and by means of tools Move and Uniform Scale drag vertex so that the facet has turned out. The same operations do with the bottom part of a bolt as well. Further in list Sub-Object establish Face, allocate surfaces which should not be smoothed and in the lowermost part Modify press button Auto Smooth. All preparations are ready.
Let’s cut now a groove.
Directly on the centre of preparation construct a spring
Radius1: 50,0
Radius2: 50,0
Height: 180,0
Turns: 10,0

Direction CCW. Pay attention, that the basis of a spring was lower than the basis of preparation.

We make a spring cutting torch under a groove. In the command panel / Create/Shapes/Splines choose figure NGon and having set parameters Radius: 15,0 and Sides: 3, place concerning a spring as shown in figure. Allocate a spring. In command panel Create find command Loft Object, press button Loft, in section Creation Method press button Get Shape and click on triangle NGon. On the following stage we shall put our spring in the order, leading it up to a kind of mirror display of a groove. Some operations still could be executed not leaving from panel Loft, but all the same it is necessary to open Modify, therefore we shall follow there already now (the Loft-object should be allocated). Open Skin Parameters, establish Shape Steps: 0, Path Steps: 5 also disconnect option Banking In Deformations open the panel of deformation Bevel and using button Insert Corner Point insert a point with coordinates 95,0 and 0,0, and an extreme right point move to coordinates 100,0 and 7,5. In result narrowing in the top part of a spring will turn out.

Now only it is necessary to apply Boolean operation of a cutting of a spiral in relation to preparation and the bolt is ready. As preparation for a nut object Cylinder will serve, and as a cutting torch for a groove the bolt will serve. Only in the beginning make its clone.

That on an aperture of a nut there were facets, paste Boolean operation Union on a slope a bolt two cones. Now apply Boolean operation with optionSubtraction and the nut is ready. Though, probably, it is not ready, most soon at you it has turned out it. This problem is easily solved: enter in Edit Mesh, allocate central vertex and remove it.Now all. A material will appoint under the own discretion, even gold.

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