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The key to this tutorial is to help you improve your scenes and how you render in general. It is a fairly simple concept that once you learn you will always use.

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Choose the assign button to the right of Production Render, when you click this a menu comes up and asks you what rendering system you would like to use, some people’s may be different depending on if they have other rendering systems installed. Choose Brazil r/s from the list. Now the fun part…

Under the Brazil: General Options rollout, change the Bucketing Options from the size of 64 to 16. Next we come to the Brazil: Image Sampling rollout, this is where you are going to set your AA settings. The best results can be achieved by using the same settings as Figure 2.

Now that we’ve setup our basic rendering settings, lets just go back to our model and make sure the bottom of it is set just a little bit above the 0 line on the grid so when we make our plane it will not cut right through it as in figure 3.

Now to actually put the plane in, we will go back to the rendering rollout and scroll down to the Brazil: CSG Server rollout, and check the box that says enable, now don’t change anything in this rollout.

Next we will set up the final settings go back up to the Brazil: Luma Server rollout, this is going to provide the GI or Global Illumination for your scene. As you may see the Direct Illumination is already enabled and all the boxes are checked except for the one that says Skylight, check that one right now and then scroll down a bit until you see the same options as in Figure 4. Put your settings the same as I have them, and now you are all ready to render your scene.

Final renders:

I hope this tutorial has been helpful and if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me Here .
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