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Creating HighPoly Beretta in 3DS MAX


In This tutorial I will show my way of creating high poly weapon in 3d max.

Step 1

First things first.go to create panel and Create a plane like I show on the image and apply the reference image texture on it.(i found this beretta image on google)


Step 2

After select that plane, right click on it , object options and untic “show frozen in gray” now you can frizz that object. create a new plane
on top of the plane like I show on the image and add a little opacity to it and convert it to editable poly, since making a gun look real is
important, the good scope for 30-30 is an important part of a gun, so modelling this part is essential for a good model.


Step 3

Now we will expend the polygons. by selecting the edges and holding shift and draging them you can create new polygons like I show on the image.


Step 4

Then start to expend other adges and then you should weld the verteces that need to be welded by selecting target weld in the vertex option.


Step 5

I Finish the top part of the gun like I show on the image


Step 6

Now using weld and expending polygons make edges deaper


Step 7

The lest part of the modeling will bee edge thikening. create a extra edges like I show on the image along the edges that have to be more sharp. and when it comes to 90 degreas edges create 2 edges along like I show on the image


Step 8

Here we go top part is done. Just add symetry modefier and turbosmooth


Step 9

Now lets create a canon part. Just create a cylinder like I show on the image


Step 10

Now convert it in to a editable poly and using scale and shift and move and shift create a whole inside the canon.


Step 11

You should have something like that


Step 12

Once agayne you will need to thicken the edges of the canon to make it more smooth


Step 13

I added a little more details to the top part and I cut off a circle for the canon so you can see the canon inside


Step 14

Now using extrude create a liitle part on the back of the top


Step 15

Now using exacly same tecniques just create the bottom part.


Step 16

Once agayne make the edges cylindrecal like on the image


Step 17

This how it should look like when you finish


Step 18

To create a trigger I just used a box and shaped it by deviding polygons and moving them around


Step 19

Here is how my moddel look like after adding little parts on the gun (turbo smooth off)


Step 20

Now to create a hole in that part of the gun simply create a cylinder like I show on the image


Step 21

Then devide the polygons on the cylinder like I show on the image


Step 22

Then select the the gun part agane go to create panel and crate a boolean and select the cylinder as object B


Step 23

You whould get something like that


Step 24

Now using cut tool simply add edges to evoyd glitching polygons like I show on the image


Step 25

Once agayne create some more details to the gun


Step 26

On this image you can see all the different objects I created fot this gun using very techniques I showed you befour


Step 27

And here how the render of the gun looks so far


Step 28

I thought of making the gun more cool by adding the silencer and a bigger bulete cartrege. so to make a sylencer create a cylinder like I show on the image


Step 29

Once again make a cylinders going trough it and use a boolian to make wholes inside


Step 30

Now I created the cylinder inside the cylinder like I show on the image


Step 31

I also expended the size of the cartrege


Step 32

Not to create the txture you can make it the proper way bot for this tutorial I showed how to do it the easy way. simply use your reference image as a texture by ading Unwrap UV’s on the seperete parts of your gun and alieng them like I show on the image


Step 32

You should get something like that wehen you finish. now do the same thing to evry single part of the gun



So after you will add some more details you should achieve something like that

I hope that you leaned alot in this tutorial. you can use those techniques for modeling any kind of guns.

>> Download source file <<

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