Black & White technique tutorial

In this tutorial Amit Sadik shows black and white technique for painting a castle

Step 1

That’s the first stage my digital painting tutorial.I knew there is going to be a castle, nothing more than that. In this painting I use the black and white technique so am starting to put the values.

Step 2

Detailing the background and moving on to the castle while using the simple Chalk Brush and Airbrush.

Step 3

The straight castle didn’t feet, so I choose to put those curvy shaped walls which will be the main form in the whole painting.

Step 4

You can see at the right a little bridge that starting to be paint. Next, on the bridge I’ll put a little figure, as I usually do.

Step 5

The figure added, some sort of a female alien or something. In addition, Sharp filter is added.

Step 6

Photo filter – Sepia color.

Step 7

Adding a few color layers to get a little bit of hue in this painting (Color Balance and Curves) and it’s Done

Step 8

the final image

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About The Author

Amit Sadik So Hello everyone, My name is Amit Sadik, born in Israel, Haifa. Today, I am working as a graphic designer of the company “Karkaot Israel” (Israel Lands), and in my spare time I am painting digitally. Visit my site where you will find a wide selection of works created by me - Digital paintings, traditional paintings, graphic designs, and more … I hope you all enjoy viewing my art!