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Andrew Klein

Andrew Klein lives and works in San Francisco, California. In 2004 he earned his BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa, concentrating in both painting and digital animation. He continues to actively create in California where he is a Full Time Faculty member for 3d Modeling and Texturing at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco. Andrew has created 3d assets for architectural and commerical projects as a freelance artist, and for Sony's virtual world HOME on the PS3. He is currently working on a short film "Over the Horizon" set to debut in mid-2012 as part of the completion of his MFA.
Modeling a Foot in Maya (Part 1)

Modeling a Foot in Maya (Part 1)

This video covers how to start modeling a foot using an edge extrusion method. I begin by modeling a stirrup over the ankles, separating the front and heel. Tutorial by Autodesk Certified Instructor for Maya: Andrew Klein. For more, visit www.andrewklein.net/ai.html.