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Polygon to Xgen Tutorial (Eng/Esp)

Polygon to Xgen Tutorial (Eng/Esp)

-In this tutorial I’ll show you how to convert polygons to Xgen Hair guides. -Model used Malcolm 2.0 courtesy of AnimSchool.com, Donwload the free rig in its website. -En este tutorial, les muestro como convertir un cabello poligonal a guías para hacer cabello en Xgen. -Modelo usado Malcolm 2.0 cortesía de AnimSchool.com, Descarga el rig […]

Tips on how to Date Effectively – Be Yourself

One of the most considerations to remember once learning how to time frame successfully is that relationships take time. Even if you are typically in a romance for years, you’ll have to build fresh connections and strengthen your bond university. ukraine girl for marriage Fortunately, there are a few basic ways to make this happen. […]

Introducing reactor

reactor is a plug-in for 3ds max that allows animators and artists to easily control and simulate complex physical scenes. reactor supports fully integrated rigid and soft body dynamics, cloth simulation, and fluid simulation. It can simulate constraints and joints for articulated bodies. It can also simulate physical behaviors such as wind and motors. You […]

Reactor Motor Tutorial By Aziz Khan

Hello and welcome every buddy to my (Reactor Motor) tutorial. Many of the people who asked me about reactor function in 3ds max and they asked me different kind of question about reactor in 3ds max and I tried to answer them, I realize that I should write some reactor tutorials for those who need […]

An introductory tutorial to N-Sided Quidam

In this exercise, I shall led you to explore some of the most important functions of the Quidam character creation software. The two elements that we shall gather are a cute and gentle faery and a natural background photograph. © Lionel Gérard In this exercise, I shall led you to explore some of the most […]

VIDEO Tutorial: Animation with the XSI 6 Mod Tool

Learn the basics of animation in the Softimage/XSI 6 Mod Tool with this tutorial from Noesis Interactive. Follow along as topics such as bone chains, keyframes, and animation curves are explained while animating a simple character. This tutorial will be very helpful to anyone who wants to start animating with the XSI 6 Mod Tool. […]

Video Tutorial: 3D Models with a Basic Studio-Styled Setup

Here’s a quick tutorial that should help you create better renders to showcase your models. You’ll understand a very simple technique that will allow you to achieve the type of results. You’ll understand how to render your model with a seamless background and soft shadows, without complicated lighting and backdrops. Once understood, this type of […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Sculpting Complex Surfaces in ZBrush

Through out this comprehensive video you will learn several powerful techniques for creating complex surfaces in ZBrush. Download video file Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Martin KnappEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.pixologic.com