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Modeling Interior Lamps in 3DsMax (Part 1/4)

In this tutorial we will model three lamps starting with a simple one and continue with more difficult using poly modeling technique in 3DsMax. Starting from a primitive cylinder in 3DsMax we will shape the model using editable poly to a lamp. Using similar technique we will model a detailed model of a bulb including the wires inside. Using subdivision and smooth modifier we will achieve smooth and without failure our models.

At the end we will use our new material library to apply materials and create lightning for a scene and finally render using mental ray.
Modeling three different lamps in 3DsMax
Modeling a detailed bulb
Using editable poly to add details
Smoothing the object using subdivision and smooth modifier
Starting to use our material library
Lightning using MR Photometric Lights
Rendering with Mental Ray
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