Modeling a Rattan Basket in 3ds Max

You will learn how to model a rattan basket with different types of finishes, as well as modeling in handles and swivels.

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So if you are either working as a full time 3d modeler or maybe you are freelancing around, you are bound to run into the issue of having to model the infamous rattan elements. The reason why i decided to go all dramatic and call it infamous is because the geometry in the rattan models can be a bit tricky if you have never done it before and it can pose a problem. Now as i said it in the video, usually the way you would model something made out of Rattan would be to make the basic model and then slap on a texture give it some bump and reflection and call it done, but in some occasions where you would have a close up render you would have to model an actual model of the rattan.

On the image here you can see a compilation of a few different rattan baskets with different finishes, as well as one that is some sort of a table. I used these as reference images when i was making the video, but you can take pretty much any image from rattan from the internet and try to replicate the result.

As you will be able to see in the video the basic look of the basket will depend on the kind of weave that you will need for your rattan model. In the video i made a single horizontal weave going through double vertical poles, but you can use the same technique and change it around and make it resemble more like something that you need.

So talking aside take a look at the video and i hope that you will pickup on some tricks, and hopefully learn something by watching this video.

So like always, if this video was helpful to you and you managed to learn something new then like it, comment and share it around so it can reach more people and maybe help them the same way it helped you.

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