How to create realistic water from Particle

In this tutorial I will show you how to manipulate particle effect from shower head into tub and collide with surface of tub react as like water, Particles are widely use to create visual effects like Smoke, Water, Fire, different kind explosions as you watching in movies most of the time.

Ok lets start the lesson before going to work with dynamics make sure your preferences checked (play per frame).

1-open Alias Maya what version do you have installed in your PC if you running already create a new scene to work with better. create tub or you can use the tub i am going use in this tutorial ( click here to download ) as like image below.

2-when you are ready every thing is done in the scene, now go to (Particles>create emitter) as like in image below.

3-now you should see the Emitter is in the origin its mean in 0,0,0 as like in picture below.

4-Move the emitter to shower head as like image illustrated below.

5-now play the animation you see the particles are randomly moving every where not in a direction as picture below.

6-not hold Ctrl+A to bring the attribute editor from attribute editor scroll down to (Basic Emitter Attributes) and now from dropdown menu chose directional in picture below.

7-Still in Attribute editor scroll up down to find (Render Attributes) now click on (current render type) you will see some more options are available, do the same setting as image illustrated below.

8-now if you play the animation your particles are thin and in the wrong direction, what we need to do now ok, just hit the (T) button from your keyboard and now you should see some more control on the emitter, change the direction down to surface of tub, as like picture down.

9-when you perfect with direction of you emitter now hit the blue handle in bottom of emitter to see more control if you click on this blue handle you will control on the emitter, now change the speared some thing like in picture below.

10-i change the color of particles from attributes editor what color you like you can change it from attribute editor, picture below.

11-what we need now to do? to create a realistic water motion falling from shower head to tub, ok select the particle not the emitter, as like image below.

12-we need to particle falls down as like water into tub, to do this go to (fields) then chose (Gravity) as like image below.

13-and from channel box now change the magnitude something around ( 3) as like picture below.

14- Now if you play the animation you see that a nice and lovely water motion falling down into tub like water, as image below.

15-now we have a problem here that the particles are not colliding with surface of tub, as image below.

16-ok select particle and hold down shift key and then click on the rub to select both of it, and then go to (Particles) and then chose (Make Collide) like picture below.

17-now if you play animation again you should see something like in the picture below.

18-the another problem is here that particles are bouncing too high to do that again go to (Particles) and then chose (Particle collusion event) as like in the picture below.

19-now select (Particle1) as like in the picture below.

20- do these setting in (Particle collision event) and hit (create) button as like the picture below.

20- once again go to attributes editor by doing (Ctrl+A) and change the setting like in the image below to have particle random motion.

And now your scene should look like in the picture below. This is the final image which I have done it during this tutorial.


And this image is without particle its render with mental ray with fluid effect to create foam effect in the tub as image below.

I hope this tutorial helped you to create water effect, and hope you can do something better if you struggle on and try it by your own pace.

If you have any comments feedbacks questions and suggestions please feel free to write me I will be happy to answer you, with best regards Aziz Khan
Copyright © Aziz Khan
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