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Breaking Up NURBS Surfaces

It may seem that NURBS surfaces are inappropriate for complex models. Although NURBS are difficult to master when it comes to organic modeling, they are actually well suited for anything that is mechanical or man-made. The trick is to think in parts. As an example, here is an instant coffee tin created with NURBS surfaces. […]

Foot modelling by Hatice Bayramoglu

This tutorial will describe how I modelled my foot model from a sketch . The method I used is polygonal modelling. Here, as you see I have a foot sketch which I found from net and I draw one myself too. I’ll start the modeling process using the hand sketch as a blueprint, you should […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: New Morph Technology in Zbrush and More

This will show you how to morph two completely different objects into one this will also show you how to optimize your geometry with two completely different objects and both will have the same amount of polygons to be morphed this will show you how to have three or more morph from one object or […]
3D Design – Designing with Shapes and Colors – Part 1

3D Design – Designing with Shapes and Colors – Part 1

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How Does Collaborative Board Portal Work?

A distinctive feature of the collaborative online repositories is the ability for Online users to be equally a consumer of computing assets and a supplier worth mentioning resources. Today, collaborative over the internet repositories have become beyond simple solutions for the purpose of storing and backing up end user data. The Principle of Collaboration in […]