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The Art Of Miro Petrov

Check The Art of Miro – it’s a visual collection of monstrous ideas, hilarious concepts and different art styles from the artist Miroslav Petrov.

The Making of “The Steam Master”

Being a “making of”, this tutorial is intended for people with a prior understanding of the basic tools used for modeling and texturing. This is not a step by step walkthrough, but more of a project overview.

The Making of the “DMF – 239 Coyote” Missile

First of all here is a small introduction. I was briefed to build an aircraft-launchable missile, but this missile was special in that it had DMF capability (Dual Missile Fire). So this meant that I had to conceptualise a missile that could contain two smaller missiles inside itself, so that the mini-missiles could be fired […]

The progress of modelling a Character

1. I am modelling this character using Maya 4. The sole purpose of making this character is fun. At this time, I dont really know where it will all end, but lets see how it evolves :) This is where the screenshorts start. To sum up what happend, then I started by creating a poly […]

The right way to Date Effectively – Always be Yourself

One of the most significant things to remember when ever learning how to date successfully is the fact relationships take some time. Even if you are typically in a romantic relationship for years, you’ll have to build fresh connections and strengthen your connect. What Are The Top Brides Nationalities All Over The World? The good […]

The Signs of a Good Marriage

There are many signs of a good romance. mailorderbridesofrussia.com When you are in take pleasure in, you want to dedicate every free moment using your partner. But there’s a fine line among being dependent upon your partner and being as well dependent on them. A healthy romantic relationship requires every partner to obtain their own […]

Tips on how to Date Effectively – Be Yourself

One of the most considerations to remember once learning how to time frame successfully is that relationships take time. Even if you are typically in a romance for years, you’ll have to build fresh connections and strengthen your bond university. ukraine girl for marriage Fortunately, there are a few basic ways to make this happen. […]

Transforming an Inferior Render into Superior Artwork

Hey there, long time no see. This is a new photoshop tutorial of mine that will teach you how to transform one of thoseugly, desaturated renders into a wonderful image that will look phenomenal when compared to it’s original counterpart. Ok,to start off, open Photoshop and load up the render that you want tofix, I […]