Making of Compass

I am glad to share the development process of my last work, ‘Compass and Paperclip’

Making of Wrestiling Fighter

I have always been fascinated by those amazing mexican figthers so I decided to create a 3D charicature of one of them. The image represents a photographic sesion of one of the fighters, may be to get some pictures for a magazine interview.

Making of “Ghost City”

This work has been created specially for the contest and i did it really fast in 2 days time, because i was anxious (i gues) of the theme GHOST CITY.

Making of Casius

The action will take place in the past. Caius could look like a Roman but it is not really one (his sword and his armour do not fit with the style). This character is the first of three main characters of a wedding which will gather: Caius – mother nature – a child.

Making of Wolverine

I wanted a completed next-gen model for my show reel, and Wolverine is my favourite comic book character. So, I decided to make a game model of him. I chose this outfit for him, because I felt that among the numerous wolverine models, already done out there, none that I know of has this outfit […]

Making of Resident Evil

I used Cinema 4D for model, Body Paint and Photoshop for texture, render whit advance render, post production in Photoshop.

Making of Waiting something

I have carried out this making of; of my image waiting something to help people that this beginningwith max or with v-ray, or those that are a little more advanced and itinterests them some section of the article.

Setup car rendering studio with V-ray by be_fast

1. Open 3DS Max . Press F10 to show rendering settings dialog or the button with the tea-pot icon on the main panel as shown on the picture 1. At the Common tab expand Assign Render rollout and show the dialog to select V-ray reder by pressing the button with the triple-dot. 2. Set parameters […]

Making of The Rescue team

Our golden winner of the Ghost City: Infection Adrian Baluta chat with us how he create the winner work “The Rescue team”.

Making Of “Taxi”

First, I started with a sketch of the vehicles. I used paper and pen rather than the computer, as this is what Im used to, but you could ask create something with a tablet in digital format.

Making of The Lady Bird

For this painting I did first the rough on a sketchbook and then I used exclusively Photoshop. I tried to pull together a few stages of my working progress here.

Making of “Die Die Plush”

Hi to all friends from 3dm3.com. I decided to make making of for you friends and fans. Hope this will be useful for some of you or,a bit interesting.

Making of: It’s only a boy

Throughout this How it was done, I will explain a little of how the image of It’s only a boy! was made from its conception to the final touch.

Making of Nokia 6233

I created this image to see my “rendering abilities”, or how realistic my renders can be. :)

Making of Balance’s spirit

“Balance’s spirit” is an illustration which I carried out for my training to carry out a realistic character. Indeed, at the beginning there was no concept design on this project.

Making of Binah

Binah was a difficult and long time consumming project. It was a great challenge for me, technically and artistically. Binah is the third sephirah of the tree of life in cabbala.

Making of Winter Blockade

It is always tricky task for me because usually I don’t printscreen or record my process, except situations when client ask for that from start like ImagineFX or CGSociety challenges.

Making of Neokathmandu

I started this matte painting by creating a new document in Adobe Photoshop with a blank canvas of 3540 x 6000 pixels at 300dpi.

Making of Monster Job Hunter

My goal for this ‘making of’ is to give an account of the work I did on ‘Monster Job Hunter’, a short film by Horseback Salad Entertainment. In this comedy/horror film, the main chraracter, Morgan Aquinaldo goes to a job interview that takes a turn for the worse.