Making of Spartan

I did this work to explain to you the use of Photoshop brushes and the software Poser for image manipulation. I referred to a wallpaper of the movie ‘300’. The first challenge I faced was to create a human figure which I did using Poser.

Making of Red Hot Assassin

Hong Mei Li is a seductive lady with deadly skills. She can mask innocence at the same time secrecy. Clean-up after a kill is a painting done with Photoshop CS2.

Making of Claire

On this Claire model i use 3DS Max, Mudbox with some sculpting and Mentay Ray as renderer. Finally Photoshop to composite it. In doing Claire, I try to apply knowledge that i learnt during my work into it.

Making of Naughty Robot

The idea is basically a steam punk robot named P-N01 on emergency repair by a cute techy girl named Lucy. The naughtiness came when he went back online after being fixed.

Modeling of Schwerin Theater

I use Autodesk 3dsmax version 9 for modeling so run it. I will use default unit setup for this project because I want make it with my eyes so unit isn’t important.

Making of: Child of the apocalypse

Hi,this is my..3rd making of specially for 3dm3.com this time I decided to share more to you abot the making of one of my artworks the child of the apocalypse.

Digital Painting: Catch of the Day

This tutorial is partly a development of my knowledge with Painter IX program, hence this is still amatuer level. Hopefully, you can get some pointers here. Anyway read on to see how this piece is done using Painter IX with Wacom tablet. I scanned this drawing in Photoshop in original blue pencil sketch then I […]

Making of: Portrait of a lady

I try to make a role with Chinese traditional characteristic, woman and circumstance are all from ancient China. I collect reference from internet.

Making of Tiger Zoo

Using a simple polygon plane and extruding it according to the global shape, I created the head first than moved to the rest of the body leaving holes when the legs where to be connected.

Making of Wood/Concrete WC

This was a client work, and we ask me to create a simple and modern Bathroom with similar lines as the exterior house, very simple and with a lot of concrete and Wood.

Making of Total Kitchen

I have been taken a lot of time for this design, after that long time also for making a library for taking out the Total kitchen.

Painting Grass by John Shannon

This small Tutorial will show the methods I use to create grass, everything was created using Adobe® Photoshop 5.5 and a mouse. Below are some step by step images showing the various stages and a brief description outlining the easy methods used to create them. Step one Above in step one I have 2 layers […]

Making of Animadanse

“Animadanse” is a movie graduation from Julien Badoil, Bertrand Debecque and Larson Liberlin de Shoriba Diop made in Paris, France.

London National History Museum

First I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to make this tutorial. I hope I will make a good tutorial because this is my first tutorial ever and my English is not so good. I hope I will make myself understood. My name is Sorin Bechira and I live in Romania. […]

Making of The Coliseum

I tried to reproduce the glamour of it, showing how big and beautiful the Coliseum is. That’s why the scene was made with a night render.

Making of The Corridor

On this project I used lightwave 3d for modeling.Lightwave is really good to design amazing and organic shapes.

VIDEO: Modifier substitute

A basic 3dsmax tutorial about the substitute modifier. Format: *.wmv Time: 0:03:44 Quality: High Size: 4 MB Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Martijn EmmerzaalEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.3dm3.com

Making of Light House

I want tell about why I choose to do this model. Firstly there is a wonderful atmosphere and it shows part of my life.

Breaking Up NURBS Surfaces

It may seem that NURBS surfaces are inappropriate for complex models. Although NURBS are difficult to master when it comes to organic modeling, they are actually well suited for anything that is mechanical or man-made. The trick is to think in parts. As an example, here is an instant coffee tin created with NURBS surfaces. […]

Making of Sea Creature

This image was created specifically for the January 2008 Image Challenge over at the Gnomon Workshop. The theme was, unsurprisingly, “Sea Creature”.