Modeling of COCA-COLA

Introduction This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya. Although, you may think making a bottle is trivial, but it is easy to overlook some of the tiny details that make your final image more desirable to watch. I will also try to give you some tips, which […]

Making of Pink Assassin

On this project I used C4D for modeling and scene setup, ZBrush for sculpting and texture painting as well as fryrender for material creation and rendering. I also used the plug ins “paintonsurface” and “splinespread” for C4D.

Making of Amonnaht

Hi! I participate in Dominance War challenge with this character, but haven’t finished it till competition deadline. But finally I decide to finish it because I don’t like left my works unfinished. I try to create character on which behalf will be interesting to play. I was inspired by Unreal Tournament.

Making of Geisha Bot

I wanted to create a fem-bot (or is it femme-bot?) and this time a geisha bot, inspired by the mysterious geisha women of Japanese tradition. So I went on the internet and got me some reference images as initial inspiration.

Leather material in 3D Studio Max

Leather is one of the most used materials in the field of Furniture design. Especially for design of sofas or couches. It is quite easy to obtain a good leather material. The leather material quality strongly depends on the illumination in your scene. Before you start to create the leather in the material editor you […]

The Making of Maybach57

I made this image with 3dsmax7 and rendered it with V-Ray the background in the image is a photo, anyway I made this Maybach 57 model a while ago but it was rendered at first with a white background and subtle reflections…

Making of “Distant Shores” by Andreas Rocha

Following, I present you the process of creation of the matte painting”Distant Shores”, inspired by the magnificent works of matte artistsDylan Cole, Steven Messing and Yannick Dusseault (among others). This painting is also fruit of the many things I learned from the book”D’Artiste: Matte Painting” (Ballistic Publishing) which compiles some of the richest collection of […]

Lightsabers by Mike Hobson

Battle Droid by Fabio Pessaro, DCS Hallway by Ross Chriss, Lightsabers by Michael Hobson LightWave Lightsabers with a little help from Adobe After Effects! I get this one all the time, and it’s been something I’ve worked on for over a year with little success until now. The important thing to note is this: As of this […]


Hi! I will explain how I made the Witch Empress illustration. I’m not a professional illustrator, so follow the guide at your own risk :) I will try to explain the techniques I used from the beginning to the end. The only software used was Adobe Photoshop with the default brushes. This is the first […]

2D Composite Grass

Why spend a bundle of money buying fur plug-ins to make grass, when you can make it yourself very easily in less than 20 minutes? You will now learn to composite 2d grass into a 3d scene, and make it look VERY believable. Every time I’ve used this technique, I’ve been asked which expensive plug-in […]

Making of From the hoop

Making of: From the hoop – short film. We are glad to show you our graduation movie made last year in Supinfocom Arles.

Making of Meet You

My name is Zhang Sheng. ‘meet you’ is my latest works. I Am glad there is a lot of friends like it. Would also like to thank the 3dm3.com assist, so that I can share the production process.

Making of Zapping

This is the first short film Ikso Studio has developed. Itґs taken us about 4 months to get it done. It is all self-produced. We have used 3ds max and Vray for almost everything, the postpo was made with aftereffects.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Photorealistic Anisotropy with mental ray for Maya

In this video, from “Introduction to the Hypershade in Maya 2009”, learn how to properly use the anisotropic features of the mental ray architectural material. By taking full advantage of this powerful feature, you can create incredibly realistic metallic surfaces that can mimic rough, brushed metals commonly seen across many real world objects. Download video […]

Making of Sprut

This is my new model, it had been long under the old concept. I have called this work sprut, although it is more similar to the scat) but decided to leave the name as stuck from the very beginning.

A Call for Humanity

Yes, it’s true; this is my grandson Omar in 2555 AD, not an alien. How I wished it is not my grandson.

Reflections Part One

Overview You just finished your photo-realistic model of a car. You have asigned a blinn shader and you’ve cranked up reflectivity 100%. You’re all set in mental ray with raytracing. You hit render and your car looks matted, no reflections. (NOTE This is a beginner’s tutorial. Most average Maya users will have already learned to […]

Making of Stand In

Hi friends, this is my first Project with a IIWW ( 2nd World War ) vehicle, we can tell it “tank”.