Making of Warlord

Concept / Inspiration The main idea of this personal project of mine was to create an illustration of a futuristic warlord. I was inspired partly by Metal Gear Solid art, namely Raiden’s design and especially for the pose in one of Yoji Shinkawa’s depictions of Raiden, and I wanted to create an elite futuristic warlord […]

VIDEO: How to create FBIK in Maya

In modern CG industry character animation is one of the most important and one of the most difficult parts. It’s very hard to create realistic animation, that’s why software developers are searching ways to solve this problem. One of the latest solutions is FBIK. In this tutorial I want to show how to create Full […]

Making of Matrouk

In this massive tutorial I will share my knowledge and experience trying to represent in depth tutorial about the character logic of Matrouk.

Making of Classical Girl

This article has primarily been focussed on the modelling stage, as many people before me have gone into detail about mapping and texturing, especially using the SSS material adjustment method.

Making of Cargo

I imagined a large air vehicle and huge cargo ship for this scene. Since the air vehicle has a great volume and carrying capacity, I draw the loading doors markedly large.

Making of The Dragons Bronze

In this tutorial we are going to color a dragon portrait. Like I always say, it’s impossible to make a good painting without a good sketch, that’s why if your drawing is not as strong as you’d like.

Making of Lida

In this work, I want to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantasy ,sci-fi and surreal.

Creating an Old Farm

This tutorial is targeted at those with an intermediate level of modeling and texturing experience and it’s meant to be a „making of”.

Making of The Patient

The following article isn’t intended to be a tutorial as such but rather a focused ‘making of’ during which I will attempt to explain a lot of my working practices and techniques.

Making of: The Joker

On this project I used maya for the base model, zbrush for details, Photoshop for texturing and matte painting, shave and haircut for the hair and mentalray for rendering.

Making of Helena The Archer

Helena the Archer is a project I made for fun. The inspiration behind her came from Korean online game artworks, where beautiful girls dressed in armor and carrying weapons.

VIDEO: Modeling of Tennis Ball in 3DS MAX

Simple Modeling of Tennis Ball by Khuram Shahzad. Download video file Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Khuram ShahzadEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.3dm3.com

Making of The Chamber of Oceans

The scene from my imagination is based on objects that i own or could have owned. While the project was in my subconsciousness all of the time, your eyes wonder around and are looking for objects that would work in the scene.

Making of The Arrival

A couple of months ago, I read the famous comic novel “the top of the gods” by Jiro Tanigushi. I was so inpresssed by his drawings and the story about the first pilgrims in the Everest, I decided to create a picture about mountains.

Making of Italian Creek

I’ll explain creation of my last picture Italian Creek. I want to show you my techniques and procedure. I’ll take it almost step by step and I’ll focus on most interesting parts of production.

Making of Assassin

My name is Plamen Iliev and in this article I’ll try to explain the process of creating my 3D character Assassin.

Making of Ella

In this tutorial I will cover some of the interesting steps of this project. I will cover modeling and rigging in general, texturing, working with complex hairs, rendering and compositing. I will also share a few tips and tricks as I show the process.

Making of Hellgate’s Hunter

The Hunter model has been made for the Hellgate London cinematic , made by Blur Studio.Later on I decided to make an illustration for my own fun, using some additional models I did previously. Hellgate London is developed by Flagship Studio.