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Making of Light House

I want tell about why I choose to do this model. Firstly there is a wonderful atmosphere and it shows part of my life.


I want tell about why I choose to do this model. Firstly there is a wonderfull atmosphere and it shows part of my life.
I want to do this but I havent got any chance for do that.One day when I surfing on the net, I saw picture.

Let’s beginl.

Modelling the Light House:

At the begining I put camera on the scene,because I feel free at perspective when I modelling at the scene. After that I put a box then I started with editable poly tools for modelling structure. After that I modelled Windows use same way at structure.

Then I did flor deforming,i used editable poly and paint deformation tools for it.

I did grass for floor and I used vray fur for it.Vray fur is a great tool for creating grass.It is fast and easy for do that.

It is done generally.


For texturing I downloaded textures from http://www.cgtextures.com.

I used unwrap for texturing and edit with photoshop by layer and brushes.


I used vray for rendering.
There is a vray dome and target direct at the scene.

Render took about 20 minutes.


After the render I converted the files to rla with alpha channel then saved it.

Next I found images for background, fog and birds.

Fusion is a great program and has got strong tools so I used for that at my scene.


I really enjoy when I doing this scene,texturing and rendering.Because of the atmosphere of scene gives me desolation. I didnt have any important problems when I doing scene. Just test render took alot of time:))

Altogether I believe, I did good scene. I hope I can do and share with you ‘new making of’ with my next scene.

Best Regards.

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