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Making of Frodo by Vishal Pawar

Hello I am Vishal Pawar and i am a Digital Artist from India, artists like Craig Mullins and Dusso (Yanick Dusseault) always inspire me.Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Ring trilogy has been a very big inspiration for me throughout my carrier,every frame of the movie is a visual masterpiece. Well that was all about me, […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Projection Master Techniques ZBrush

In these 6 video tutorials you will learn how to create architectural elements using ZBrush projection master techniques with Sebastian Legrain. These tutorials created by the Pixologic (makers of ZBrush) for the 3D community, so everyone can easily go at advanced level in ZBrush. Download video file: Intro Download video file: Part 1 Download video […]

Setup Blueprints in 3DS MAX

Introduction This tutorial will teach you to create 3d blue prints for vehicles and other miscellaneous objects for 3ds Max. Things you will need You need basic knowledge of 3ds max. Internet coverage of course: D Set up the blueprints for 3ds Max Load up your internet browser go to the address (www.the-blueprints.com) – you […]

Making of Annalyn

I choose the image that I’m going to edit, in this image I choose Annalyn Ecal, my friend’s wife.
Maya Modeling Basics:Toy (Part 2)

Maya Modeling Basics:Toy (Part 2)

Part 2 of 6, this video from Andrew Klein covers editing NURBS geomenty using control verticies, detaching surfaces along isoparms, and creating a mirrored Instance using Duplicate Special.
3D Design – Designing with Shapes and Colors – Part 2

3D Design – Designing with Shapes and Colors – Part 2

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Modelling of cast disc

Part 1.(inner part of disc)So,to create any disc we need no less than 2 photos of this disc: a) in face (to be used as drawing) b) side-view (to visualize disc profile) To begin with, one main advice-modelling any subject (not only the disc) every 2 minutes look at the photo Open 3D Studio Max […]

Ford Focus Tutorial Series by Alex: Part 4

FORD FOCUS PART 4 Hi everyone and welcome to the final part of the Ford Focus tutorial series. While this is the last part of modelling the body , there might be more tutorials on detailing and interior. This is just for those who want to smooth out their model ready for texturing and son […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Creating Clay Renders with 3ds Max 2010 and mental ray

In this video, from “Production Instruction with 3ds Max 2010: Volume I”, we’ll take advantage of mental ray’s ProMaterials to create a nice clay render of the interior scene we’ve been working on. By rendering using the technique shown in this video, we can create a clean and clear render that showcases our work in […]