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3D Modeling Tutorial #85 – Modeling Ceiling Fan #2 – Part 1

3D Modeling Tutorial #85 – Modeling Ceiling Fan #2 – Part 1

In this video I’ll show you how to use 3D Studio Max to model the second of several ceiling fans. Reference: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61SzLvUIYdL._SL1500_.jpg Please remember to leave your comments and if you really need something answered send me an email at 3dtut@outlook.com. Also, giving me a thumbs up and subscribing shows you find my videos helpful. […]

Brazil2 GI Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be seeing how to use Global Illumination in "Brazil ‘Rio’ Rendering System v2.0". As well as a small information on the very useful, Brazil2 Advanced Material, which, in my scene is used to create the water in the pool. In this scene I have tried to create a Villa Hotel, […]

Making of Ferrari F2003 GA by tyio

Frame modelisation Patern found on www.f1-live.com Top view Side view/perspective First problem, the partern are not orthographique. So, i have made a cube with FIA data about lenght, etc the car have to respect. FILE EXE After, I have just build a basic spline cage, but I advice to use a polygonal modelisation because i […]

Making the Golf ball

Hello in this tutorial I will show you how to create and texture a golf ball. This is an easy and convinient way to make your own golf ball. I will explane everithing clear enough so everybody coild understand it.I want to say that used 3Dmax 7 to create this tutorial but you could do […]

Occlusion pass guide

About tutorial In this tutorial I will try to cover everything you need to know about occlusion pass in 3 simplified parts. The first part is explains what an occlusion pass is and what its good for. The second part is all the technical info on how to make an occlusion pass. the third part […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Organic modeling

Here we want to collect interesting and useful tutorials on 2D/3D packages. If you have the quality tutorial or you can write a good tutorial exclusively for us under one of the above categories, please contact stryker@3dm3.com This tutorial takes front and side reference images from www.3d.sk and prepares them for use as reference plates […]

Portrait of a silent man by Patrick Eischen

About the image There are many rendered portraits in a lot of galleries. I was always impressed by the high quality of the MentalRay FastSkin shader and how easy it was to set it up once you understood the basic concept of how skin works. But as I ‘only’ have Cinema 4D, MentalRay is not […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: ZBrush Speed sculpt “Amph Man”

A ZBrush speed sculpt created by Jesse Sandifer. Jesse uses ZBrush brush, painting and posing tools to create a creature with different fish like qualities. Download video file: Part 1 Download video file: Part 2 Download video file: Part 3 Download video file: Part 4 Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © […]