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Nude tutorial by Robert Chang

For this Tutorial, I used Painter 7. I slapped on some colors with the palette knife, trying to get an over all feel for the mood of this painting. I quickly blended the color a bit with the opaque round brush, with resaturation set to zero, and bleed turned up. I kept the feature fairly […]

Digital Painting: Catch of the Day

This tutorial is partly a development of my knowledge with Painter IX program, hence this is still amatuer level. Hopefully, you can get some pointers here. Anyway read on to see how this piece is done using Painter IX with Wacom tablet. I scanned this drawing in Photoshop in original blue pencil sketch then I […]

Making of Psylocke

Psylocke from the X-Men.My first ever tutorial – some of you people requested, and so I decided to do it on the Psylocke image.

Making of Leticia

At the request of a friend who was admiring my work in a social network, came the work of paint her daughters

Making Of ‘Koschei The Immortal’

Last year, my friends had a chance to visit the Carpathian region of Eastern Europe. They brought back lots of photos and interesting stories about their adventures. I was so inspired by the atmosphere of these places that I had an idea for a picture.

Making of a Monkey

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the whole process, from the initial sketch design to the final presentable painting all using Adobe Photoshop CS5