Tutorial "Creating Bendy Bling Text in 3DS Max 2014"

I thought it could be nice to make a tutorial about bending some text, having your text bent or at least angled some will give you some really nice reflections vs having them all straight. You could also make some cool animation this way having the text go from being bent to going straight. the possibilities are endless…. right? yeah okey, maybe not but still, it’s awesome!
I saw this awesome looking render over at Behance and just had to re-create it and show you guys! It looks sweet and is easy to do so everyone can follow along. Using some modifiers and some magic and poff, we have a winner. Let’s rock and roll!

What we will cover in this 3ds max tutorial

-How to bend text
-FFD modifier
-Quadify mesh modifier
-Lighting and rendering with Vray

This tutorial was possible thanks to Mohamed Reda :)

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