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[Video] Tagging a Rig in Softimage/XSI

This short lesson from Noesis Interactive outlines the steps to “tag a rig” in Softimage/XSI. This process teaches you how to set up your rigs so that you can re-target animations and apply motion capture data to different 3D characters. Animators and Riggers focusing on video game development will find this tutorial very useful. INFO: […]

Reflections Part One

Overview You just finished your photo-realistic model of a car. You have asigned a blinn shader and you’ve cranked up reflectivity 100%. You’re all set in mental ray with raytracing. You hit render and your car looks matted, no reflections. (NOTE This is a beginner’s tutorial. Most average Maya users will have already learned to […]

Modeling Old School Rim in Maya

Introduction In this tutorial I will explane you how to make Old school rim. Step 1 First make the Polygon Cylinder. Step 2 Then delete top and bottom faces to look like this on picture. Step 3 Select all top edges end extrude with tool witch you can find in Edit mash – Extrude. Step […]
Making of “Voodoo Doll” (part 5/6)

Making of “Voodoo Doll” (part 5/6)

Part 5 of this tutorial will explore adding a quick shadow pass to help enhance certain forms, and will continue adding details. While watching this process we will discuss the emotional side of art, tackling subjects like quality and efficiency in hopes to offer definitive ways that you can help greatly improve the quality and […]

Pose to pose and Straight ahead animation

You should only let spontaneity and improvisation guide you when everything you need for the shot is already in your head!” There are basically two existing and extremely different ways of animating: “Straight Ahead” and “Pose-To-Pose”. Both workflows are well-established in the industry and have been greatly improved since their first definition by the nine […]