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VIDEO tutorial: Fat Monster – Gordo (modeling) by Rodrigo Banzato

Fat Monster – Gordo(modeling) – (basic/intermediate) – 17 Mb (language: portuguese) Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> Next parts:Fat Monster – Gordo (texturing) by Rodrigo BanzatoFat Monster – Gordo (rendering/riging/animating) by Rodrigo Banzato 3DM3.comCopyright © Rodrigo BanzatoEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.tonka3d.com.br

Modelling of VAZ 21093 by Kazus

Hello everyone. Today I start newinteractive tutorial on 3DM3. It will be car-modelling tutorial. I choosed VAZ21093 car. Why? Because it is simple to do for begginers. Everybody can take part in this tutorial. Soon I will start modelling right now!!! First step. Setting up the scene for modeling. I had sliced blueprint in Photoshop. […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Creating Custom Marking Menus

I have crated a video tutorial with voice in Maya that how to create custom marking menus. INFO: Original size of movie: 20.1 MBCompressed size in .RAR: 1.9 MBDuration is about: 4 minutes and 26 secondsFormat: QuickTime Movie (*.mov) Download video file Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Aziz KhanEdit by […]

Making Guanajua to Alley by Eugenio Garcia Villarreal

Introduction Hi, everyone, this my first tutorial of the creation of a 3D image, im a recently graduated Graphic Designer, from Monterrey, México, and I have 2 years since I start to do 3d, when I began to learn Lightwave. I find 3d great, because you can bring to reality anything you imagine. Inspiration. I […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Export from Maya to DirectX

This tutorial will show you how to export mesh and animation to DirectX. Download XExporter.v1.2 (*.mel) source file Download video file Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Dr. DEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.3dm3.com

Indoor Lightning With Mental Ray

Step 1: Setting up the scene Ok, first of all create a cube and convert it into and Editable Poly, then inset one side into a small box and delete it. Then add a shell modifier with "outer amount" equal to 5. Then inside of the box, make a small teapot…just as an example Step […]
Modeling a Trophy

Modeling a Trophy

This tutorial is fundamentally based on how to import vector files from Adobe Illustrator into Autodesk 3ds Max for further modeling work to be done on it.