Modeling a Stool in 3DS MAX

In this tutorial, I will show you how to model a stool in 3ds max Step 1 – Max Setup In this tutorial, I’ll be using 3Dmax. So first thing would be open-ing your max program and on the menu choose Customize>Unit Setup>Metric>Meters. Step 2 On the Create Tab, choose Box and enter this amount […]

Making of breeze of the past

The work consists of an old office room in good condition, still in use even now. I started this work wanting to create a silent story, so I made the components of the room appear to be speaking for themselves.

Indoor Lightning With Mental Ray

Step 1: Setting up the scene Ok, first of all create a cube and convert it into and Editable Poly, then inset one side into a small box and delete it. Then add a shell modifier with "outer amount" equal to 5. Then inside of the box, make a small teapot…just as an example Step […]

Making of Fall

After almost 5+ years of experience with mentalray it was a real pleasure trying something new. This was a project I started few years ago, but it never grew to more than initial sketch and simple scene blocking in 3D.

GP2 Modeling, Rendering and Compositing Tutorial

In 2006, I was introduced to Mr. Peter Thompson, owner ofMeritus Racing by Paul McAusland of UrbanImaging. He had recommended my 3D visualservice to Mr. Thompson and from then on I was creating the visuals for MeritusRacing sponsorship campaign. The visuals I have created required photorealism anddelicate compositing of rendered image to the photography plate.To […]

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Projections in ZBrush

In this video tutorial I will show you many various ways to use the zbrush projections Tools, I will show you how to optimize your mesh. I will show you how to transfer one mesh to another, I will show you how to transfer just parts of one mesh to another this is an easy […]

Making Shiny Glass Logo Tutorial

Introduction Hi everybody. In this tutorial we will see how can we design a shiny logo in 3ds Max. I used 3ds Max and VRay for this project. Step 1 First open an empty project in Max. Under shapes click text button and create a text like the image below. Step 2 In the modifier […]

Setup Blueprints in 3DS MAX

Introduction This tutorial will teach you to create 3d blue prints for vehicles and other miscellaneous objects for 3ds Max. Things you will need You need basic knowledge of 3ds max. Internet coverage of course: D Set up the blueprints for 3ds Max Load up your internet browser go to the address (www.the-blueprints.com) – you […]

Making of the Conall

First and most important part is to imagine what you have to or what you want to create. After few hours I’ve chosen to sculpt werewolf. It’s half human, half animal and it has clothes. So many different issues to face up.

Modeling Meat Grinder in Maya

Introduction In this tutorial I will explane you how to make meat grinder. Step 1 First make the Polygon Cylinder. Step 2 Reduce Subdivision Axes from 20 to 10. Step 3 Rotate and Scale. Step 4 By holding shift on keyboard use “Cut Faces Toll” like on picture. Step 5 Buttom face extrude. Step 6 […]

Making of Trapped

What I would like to do is to pick the animals and their characteristics that more fascinate me. During a recent travel I have taken a photo at the Bird Park of Kuala Lumpur. Immediately I’ve been captured by the expression of this parrot.

Photoshop Car Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to render this car. I use paths a lot. In this tutorial I also use layer masks and layer filter. The whole thing took about two hours to complete. Drawing out the paths is the most tedious part but once theyre layed out it all comes alive. 1. Path tool Start […]

Making of Mr.Obama Digital Portrait

Since my project was related to well known public person finding good references was easy task but it was impossible to find images that could be useful for assembling good image plains so i relied mostly on eyeballing techniques.

Making of 3D Asian Girl

Hello viewer My name is Gourav Sharma .3D Asian girl is my 1st attempt to make a realistic looking 3d girl! software i used -3ds max 2008 and photoshop cs3

Making of Say Cheese

In this image, artist make the dirty flooded water bathroom and fish tries to survive there in between of leaked pipes.

Making of Lust

Find out step by steps photoshop tutorial “Making of Lust” took lot of effort and patience in drawing, using the optical mouse.

Making of The Room

Initially was defined data storage framework for using in current project. Development of unified file names system will save your time for search of necessary files and scene elements, for transferring of project to different PC, for shared work on project and in many other cases.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Creating Simple Cloth in ZBrush

Martin Knapp demonstrates how to creating simple cloth in ZBrush. Instructor: Martin Knapp Produced by: Pixologic Source: ZClassroom.com Download video file Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © Martin KnappEdit by StrykerSource: ZClassroom.com

Making of: Dream

Greetings to everyone interested in the work of “Dream”. For the next few minutes I, Alex Kashpersky or, RIDDICK, will be with you.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Modeling of Umbrella

This video tutorial is dedicated to 3dm3.com and Johanna Bak that requested this video. The video is showing one of many ways of making a straight forward umbrella, that can be tweeked as mutch as you want after the basemesh is done. Im realy bad with voice overs so this tutorial is also soundless, just […]