Making of Three lines

I’ve always been fascinated by realism, and because of this it is really important to me that the base line-art sketch has got proper proportions.

Creating Facemaps with Photoshop

This Noesis Interactive tutorial teaches the process of creating custom facial maps using Photoshop. Learn how to take a series of digital photos and edit them together so that they are ready to be mapped onto a 3D game model as a single texture. If you’ve ever wanted to see your own face inside a […]

Making of Varga by Paul Tosca

This tutorial is dedicated to 3DM3 community. 1.Intro 2.Game modeling workflows 3.Tools used 4.Workflow used for Varga 5.Final model You could also check the first part of this tutorial : Varga hair tutorial (low poly game character hair) This is not a step by step tutorial. I will summarize the workflow i used for one […]

Making of The Dragon

Detailing,and texturing, rigging and many more things… At the end we will render andfix in Photoshop till we get to the end of this. I’ve decided to make it moreinteresting and make something like Making of a dragon’s tutorial with usefultips and tricks :)

Studio Lighting Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup a studio lighting rig that I use mainly for vehicle rendering. Basic to intermediate knowledge of 3DS Max is needed for this tutorial. I will be using 3DS MAX 9 for this tutorial, if you have a different version, your button configuration may be a […]

The Making of Al Pacino Sculpt

My modeling process is simple. I start by creating a plane in the top lip, and keep extruding edges, maintaining shapes in both side and front angles, also looking at it from the perspective.

Z4 Unleashed

The snatch of this car was and binding by chains, but Z4 can breaking this chain, so Z4 unleashed. Hello, my name is Mohamed Abuyhia from Alexandria Egypt. It is the first time for me in the cars modeling I was thought that it is complicated but after this try I found that it is […]

The Making of Salad

“Salad” is a computer generated image created in November 20 06. It is a tribute to the fantastic artist H.R. Giger and the classical painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The Making of Wonded Ork

I was angry to sculp that fantastic creature. That was my first goal, to frame that wonded monster in mesh. I got started with a simple piece of geometry, and gradually building up volume and form.

Making a planet by Greg Martin

This tutorial should step you through making a simple, yet realistic-looking planet using Adobe Photoshop 7, and ONLY Adobe Photoshop 7. We’re working small here, so keep in mind that the larger you work, the harder the planet will be to create (just a bit more work as size increases). To complete this tutorial and […]

The Making of Beanpod blooming

And I imaged the girl was dancing when she looked back to the camera. This is the pose what I imagined. MODELING TIPS : There should be much detail in the eyelid and eyelash. Eastern girl always has soft eyelash, especially the eyelash below. So I chose transparency map for eyelash below, because transparency map […]

Making of The Artist himself

So I try to reconstruct my old picture. To do that I used recent pictures of my face and later I changed geometry to make it similar to my self 6 years ago. Of course I had to upgrade my face to look, let’s say, better :)

The Making of Hotrod

In this article I would like to show you what kind of methods I used to create my latest picture ’Hotrod’.

The Making of PARTHENON

In this tutorial I am going to explain how I made the image of the Parthenon. I have seen many different photographs and drawings of the Parthenon from different angles, in order to have an idea, as clear as possible, about its characteristics and proportions. I have obtained a lot of information from several books […]


Well I have created this video tutorial how to light up scene using the Brazil rendering system, this tutorial is very handy for those of you who are new using Brazil render. Info: Original movie size: 34.6 MBCompressed size in winrar: 3.07 MBDuration of tutorial: 5 minutes and 18 secondsFormat: QuickTime Download video file Talk […]

“Seat Leon II” by David Melchor

This is a quick tutorial that explains all the process to make this composition. We´re going to see how to make the model, materials, lighting, render parameters and finishig the image with photoshop.

The Making of Abandoned Cathedral

My inspiration for this piece was the cathedrals of the middle ages. To give the image something unusual I made the cathedral dark and hellish which contrasts to the uplifting feel of most cathedrals. For a little extra level of detail I added some vines and dead grass to the for-ground.