How to create a model of a sport car – Nissan 350-Z

This is a step-by-steptutorial that explanehow to create 350Z’s body using polygonal modeling in Maya environment,but you can apply this technique to other poly-modeling software. Step 1 This is my screen-shot after I have correctly placed my blueprints. Step 2 To start with, we’ll concentrate on the front part of the car. I’ve divided it […]

Matte Painting: winter

This is my second matte painting tutorial (first tutorial here). Here I wanted to change the season of a scene from summer to winter. Specific device used: Wacom Intuos² A4 First of all, find a good res picture. I chose to use a picture of a house I found on the web. You can find […]

The Making of Warrior

This project started as a personal challenge, I wanted to apply everything that I learned throughout this year in a single work.

The Making of Last Ride

I am proud of doing this making of and I will try to explain how I made this work. Used 3d software: Cinema 4D 9.6 student version.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: 3ds max Trick

In this video tutorial I show you a nice trick if you modeling a head or something like that. With this little trick, it helps you by modeling your mesh. Download video file Talk about this tutorial at the Forum >> 3DM3.comCopyright © martijn emmerzaalEdit by StrykerSource: http://www.3dm3.com

The Making of Rage over Babylon

This tutorial will covers the major points of producing this image, starting with the planning and covering the modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting and compossiting.

AK-47 modeling tutorial by coa

Hi my name is Aleksandar. This is my first tutorial. In this tutorial I’m gonn’a tryto help you to step by step model a AK 47 IN 3DS MAX 7. I assume you have beginner or advanced experiencein modeling. There are many pictures so I hope it will be no problems :}We will only use […]

The Making of Upside-Down

This making-of is intended for intermediate users. Beginners are welcome to read this as well of course, but don’t expect detailed descriptions of how I’ve modelled this special head part or that leg or something.

The Making of Blood elf

This tutorial will covers some of the interesting steps of producing this image. Starting with what sparked the idea, and covering the modeling, texturing, rendering and compossiting. I will also share a few tips and tricks as I show the process.

Photohop Glow

This is pretty simple and easy tutorial for all of you who are looking to enhance your rendering in Photoshop. You’ve rendered your 3D object in your 3D program and ended up with an image (.jpg, .gif, .tif). Load your image in Photoshop. Copy the layer and apply Gaussian Blur (Filter -> Blue -> Gaussian […]

The Making of Louie’s Bar & Grill

Louie’s Bar & Grill is based on an actual building in the Universal Studios, FL theme park. Although it took about two months or so to complete, majority of the work was done in three weeks.

The Making of SuraaghRasaan(TheDetective)

I am preparing this tutorial to give a brief rundown on the character that I modeled, textured and rendered using Zbrush. This was a personal project and the aim was to get familiarize with Zbrush and explore its various aspects.

The Making of Cobra Prince

Hi all, My name is Philip Herman. I want to share my knowledge of how I created The Cobra Prince. I used 3DS Max, and Vray for render.

The Making of Old Alley

Hello there, this tutorial is the making of one of my latest scenes entitled “Old Alley.” This is my first making of tutorial, and I hope to create some more along the years.

Dynamics Reverse Face

This is common problem with these kind of collusion objects with dynamics every object has (Back And Front) that is why some time in modeling faces are reversing accidentally , to solve this problem I am writing you this tutorial, so hope it will help you to solve your problem. So get ready and we […]

Missiles Tutorial

Hello every buddy, This is from one of my tutorials series, in this tutorial I will show you how to work with (Instancer) inside Maya. (Instancers) can be very useful and handy when you have one single object and you can convert it with particles in your scene, and then you can create many of […]

The Making of Lamborghini Gallerdo

This image was created for a personal project to brush up on my high-end skills, having only been working on lower poly game art for the past few years. The mesh is approximately 1.5 million polygons and Brazil r/s was used to render out the model.

Rigid Body

Hello friends In this tutorial I will show you how to work with (Active rigid bodies) and (Passive rigid bodies) to collide object in the scene. Dynamics has really nice effect to create real visual effects its commonly use in the movies and the industrial projects. ok lets turn to start, open Maya or if […]